Emortal Sports

Emortal Sports Inc. is a revolutionary virtual and augmented reality eSports game development company that is committed to bringing the emerging and increasingly lucrative worlds of VR/AR games and eSports competition to the largest possible audience. We are accomplishing this by owning all three aspects of our own VR/AR eSports ecosystem: Games, Venues, and Competition.

What We Do

Emortal Sports was founded in 2016 to create fully interactive VR experiences and bring them to venues around the world.

Our Mission is to design and create High Quality Real Time interactive experiences for all platforms including VR, Console, and Mobile

  • Create and deploy Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences

  • Mobile and Web Game Development

  • Prototype concepts and bring ideas to life

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We handle many types of development, from VR experiences, AR experiences, PC games, mobile games, and Web Development. We pride ourselves on our code quality and bug free process of development.

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Our design process is fast and flexible. We utilize procedural content creation techniques to allow our designers to design on the fly giving more time to iteration and experimentation to find the perfect design.

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Thorugh all of our development and design experience we are able to handle all methods of deployment and maintain a product even after its first release. We have experience in Mobile, console, and PC deployment methods.

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