The Emortal Story

Who we are

Emortal Sports Inc. is a revolutionary virtual and augmented reality eSports game development company that is committed to bringing the emerging and increasingly lucrative worlds of VR/AR games and eSports competition to the largest possible audience. We are accomplishing this by owning all three aspects of our own VR/AR eSports ecosystem: Games, Venues, and Competition.

We develop VR/AR games from concept to full development and are currently developing AAA experiences for relevant VR and AR platforms. Our content is specially designed to be played either seated in the living room at home, or running around in our Emortal Sports arena. We will own the intersection of digital and physical games.

Our outstanding technical development and creative expertise with technology platforms, content pipelines, animated, and interactive content uniquely positions us to carefully select, cultivate, and execute IP and projects across multiple verticals.

We have extensive experience operating eSports, igaming, and high stakes poker competitions and are creating a very unique Emortal Sports eSports tournament series.
We are founded by award-winning technology leaders, professional sports industry leaders, film and television professionals, casino, fantasy sport, igaming and eSports, professionals who specialize in creating high valued entertainment experiences. The games we have developed have included some of the largest earning in entertainment and have generated over $6B in revenue. We have reached over 100 million gamers across multiple platforms including mobile, console, online and PC.

Core Team & Advisors

David Ortiz

Founder / CEO / Designer

Tim Langley

Co-Founder and CMO

Stephen A. Crystal

ESQ / Executive Legal Counsel

Jamie Gold

Biz Dev & PR

Ben Cammarano


Ed Fries


Tiffany Norwood

Co-Founder / Advisor

Edward Borgerding


Kenny Lammers

Technical Director

What We Offer

We create the most fun, compelling, and innovative AAA experiences